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We Find & Fund

We’re on a mission to help solve family issues & crisis and provide stability for our new generation.

We Believe In Action

We believe in that actions speak louder than words.

We Collaborate

With full support of ACFLS and its membership, we help do our part in improving family law and its resources.


— We Support

We help enhance the support systems that keep things running smoothly within the family law realm.  


— We Know Family Law

Our board of directors is comprised of professionals, including ACFLS members, who bring a tremendous amount of experience and passion to support the family law community.  


— We Track

We track every dollar raised, and showcase the projects you helped fund through our grant program. 

About The Foundation

Why Should You Support The Foundation?

ACFLS Foundation
Giving to charity is a mood-booster

The knowledge that you’re helping others is hugely empowering and, in turn, can make you feel happier and more fulfilled. 

ACFLS Foundation
Giving To Charity Strengthens Personal Values

The feeling of social conscience is the most widely-given reason to give to charity. Having the power to improve the lives of others is, to many people, a privilege, and one that comes with its own sense of obligation. 

ACFLS Foundation
Funding For Our Incredibly Important Grant Program
We have the full support of ACFLS and its membership to help do our part in improving family law and its resources, to facilitate the needs of all genders, races and sexual orientation in obtaining the help they require to live life to the fullest.
ACFLS Foundation
Supporting Your Critical Resources
Whether you are involved in the divorce community or have experienced divorce yourself, the ACFLS Charitable Foundation allows you to contribute to the continuous improvements to critical infrastructure that helps to support families across California.
ACFLS Foundation
Tax Benefits

100% of your generous contributions to the ACFLS Charitable Foundation are tax-deductible. 

Donate to maximize your tax benefit.

ACFLS Foundation
enhance your own resourcefulness

Becoming a vital part of our growing community gives you access to other professionals and affiliates that can drastically enhance your ability to provide powerful resources to your clients or friends/family. 

Reasons To Donate


Impact Stories

The ACFLS Charitable Foundation showcases the generosity of ACFLS members as well as friends of the organization. The foundation was formed to help provide direct and substantial financial support to programs and individuals who are working to improve access to justice, provide family law education as required and to improve the California family law process for affected persons, families or groups in need.”

"We are extremely grateful to the Association of Certified Family Law Specialists Foundation for awarding this $10,000 grant to support the efforts of LACBA’s Domestic Violence Legal Services Project to help clients take their first step to breaking away from their abuser"
LACBA - Counsel for Justice
President Mark Garscia
"Unfortunately, for every parent we help without charge, we are forced to turn away five others. In 2016, over 50 parents could not start our programs due to lack of funding, and another 23 could not complete the Nurturing Parenting Program, due to inadequate funding. This grant from the ACFLS will allow us to substantially increase the services we can provide to parents in the coming years."
Helping Hands Nurturing Center
Executive Director: Shona Torgrimson-Duncan
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